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Finance and Reimbursement Policies:
  1. In order to be reimbursed for PTO expenses, original receipts or printout of electronic receipts MUST be provided along with the check request form. All documentation MUST be placed in the PTO Finance mailbox at the ROE school front office AND scanned or photographed and emailed to The check request form is available on the website (, in the PTO Finance mailbox, or from the PTO Treasurers.
  2. Sales tax will not be reimbursed if the vendor used is known to accept the sales tax exemption form. Be sure to have the Sales Tax Exemption form on hand (or a picture on your phone) when purchasing goods and let the cashier know you have a tax ID number before checkout. The Sales Tax Exemption form is available on the ROE PTO website (, in the PTO Finance mailbox, or from the PTO Treasurers.
  3. Reimbursement expenses are expected to be submitted to the PTO Finance Team within 30 days of an event. Further, it is important that receipts relating to the current fiscal year are submitted and reimbursed within the same fiscal year (fiscal year is July 1 to June 30). If additional time is needed, send an email to
  4. Reimbursement expenses submitted after 120 days of the date of the event or the date of the invoice, whichever is later, will NOT be considered for reimbursement and NO payments will be made after that deadline.
  5. All reimbursement forms from ROE employees must be approved and signed by the school principal prior to submission to be considered for payment.
  6. For all PTO events (i.e.: Auction, Book Fair, Carnival, Fun Run, Parent Teacher Party, etc.), a completed financial report should be submitted to the PTO President and Treasurers within two weeks of the event that includes all revenues, expenses, and the amount of any donations made by individuals or companies. Also, see more detailed event instructions in the “ABCs of Planning ROE PTO Events” document.
  7. If you make a deposit directly to the bank, write your name and the nature of the deposit on the deposit slip (i.e.: Book Fair sales, Carnival ticket sales, etc.).
  8. If you have a line item on the PTO budget, it is your responsibility to check that line item at the PTO Board meeting finance review and let the Finance team know if you see a discrepancy.

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