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Board Structure


Past President

First Vice President

  • Performs all the duties of the President in the President’s absence and other duties as outlined for the Vice President;
  • Chairs the School Directory committee;
  • Serves on all committees as requested.

Vice President – Internal Relations

  • Grade Representatives and room parents report to this Vice President;
  • Holds regular meetings to foster unity, collaboration, and communication within the
    grades, classes, with the teachers, etc.;
  • Coordinates community-building activities for the school and ROE families.

Vice President – Public Relations

  • Drafts and sends out weekly ROE PTO Newsletter;
  • Sends out event communications;
  • Works closely with Webmaster;
  • Works closely with School Directory Chair.

Vice President – Development

  • Chairs the Annual Fund Campaign;
  • Plans the Back to School Social.

Vice President – Community Development

  • Sources and maintains corporate underwriting and sponsorships;
  • Chairs Annual Fund Community Challenge.

Vice President – Treasurer

  • Responsible for issuing payments, making deposits, collecting checks/paperwork,
    and fulfilling reimbursement requests on a weekly basis;
  • Works closely with the Budget & Finance Director to provide financial updates to the

Budget & Finance Director

  • Responsible for maintaining the financial records of the organization in QuickBooks,
    working with the VP – Treasurer to maintain the annual budget and providing
    financial updates to the Board;
  • Works with the CPA to file the federal and state taxes of the organization;
  • Oversees the Budget and Finance Committee with the VP – Treasurer.


  • Responsible for taking/preparing minutes of all PTO board meetings and other
    duties as assigned.

School Life Director

  • Makes purchase decisions and manages all aspects of the ROE Spirit Store.

Ways and Means Director

  • Oversees events, serves on committees, and manages projects as needed.

Specialist Relations

  • Serves as the PTO liaison to the Specialist teachers (Music, Art, P.E., Spanish, etc.);
  • Works with the VP – Internal Relations and Teacher Appreciation Chairs as needed.

Teacher Appreciation Directors (2)

  • Coordinate monthly teacher appreciation lunches;
  • Coordinate back-to-school week goodies and lunches for staff;
  • Manage staff holiday gifts, Halloween bake-off, etc.;
  • Plan and coordinate Teacher Appreciation week activities with help from all room
    parents and Grade Reps;
  • This position is shared between two people.

Volunteer Coordinators (2)

  • Maintain and update online volunteer sign-ups for school wide activities
  • Help recruit volunteers through ROE News, separate emails, grade-level asks
    and personal asks for school events
  • This position is shared between two people.

Grade Level Representatives (2 per grade for grades K-4th, 3 for 5th grade)

  • Plan one teacher appreciation lunch each school year (paid for by the PTO);
  • Host three grade-level play dates (summer, fall and spring, paid for by the PTO);
  • Communicate regularly with grade level parents about school events, fundraising
    activities, and other activities;
  • Act as a liaison between the PTO and grade level room parents;
  • Each grade level position is shared between two people.

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